Tips & Hints

hints.jpgHelpful Hints for Sunbrella™ Fabric

  • Care and Cleaning PDF
  • Only wash in cold or luke warm water.
  • Protect the area around the Sunbrella fabric when using a diluted bleach solution - bleach may discolour non-Sunbrella fabrics. Always rinse Sunbrella thoroughly to completely remove bleach.
  • Sunbrella air dries very quickly.
  • DO NOT put into the dryer.
  • DO NOT iron.
  • Use of bleach and/or advanced age of the fabric application may impact the deterioration of the sewing thread and other non-Sunbrella components.

Helpful Hints for Strataglass™hints2.jpg

  • We recommend using only IMAR Products. IMAR Strataglass Protective Polish, IMAR Strataglass Protective Cleaner, and mild soap (preferably IMAR Yacht Soap Concentrate) on Strataglass. 
  • NEVER use a wash and wax product on Strataglass.
  • Use of RAINEX on Strataglass appears to work for a short time but then dulls the surface and presents an "Orange Peel" effect.
  • Use of cleaners, polishes, scratch removers, or any other product made for regular, uncoated vinyl will damage STRATAGLASS. Do not use these products.
  • DO NOT HANDLE STRATAGLASS (OR ANY VINYL) WITH SUNSCREEN ON YOUR HANDS! This will permanently cloud the vinyl where handled.

Clear PVC

  • We recommend Plexus to clean and protect standard clear PVC.


  • If you find your zip getting stuck try rubbing with a drilube stick (available from service stations) this will help the slider to run more smoothly.

Leaking Covers

This can be caused by a variety of things, such as:

  • Your cover may need re-waterproofing
  • Water may be coming in through stitch holes. When covers are new they can sometimes leak through the seams. Once the thread has been wet a few times it will swell and fill the holes.

Dirty Covers

Mould can't grow on the canvas but it can grow on dirt on your covers, it is important to hose off your covers regularly.